Usability and User Experience


Usability & User Experience

Ever hear of the Curse of Knowledge?  It’s when you assume people are going to react or behave one way or another because of your own expert experience.  Usability and user experience overcome this and ensure that customers really are interacting with your product or service the way you intend, and in a way that’s as useful and meaningful to them as possible. Whether they are visiting their bank, experiencing your online app or communicating with their colleagues or friends, our skilled observers can find the little things that can inhibit your product’s success or understand the change that can make your product a breakthrough.

Results we deliver:

  • Increased app usage and conversion
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Conversion speed bumps identified
  • Faster onboarding

Methods we use:

  • User journey mapping
  • Online and mobile usability tests
  • Shop-alongs and customer journaling
  • Onboarding audits


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