Product & Concept Development


Product & Concept Development

Consumers think that great ideas just happen.  That lightning strikes and that’s it.  Make it, price it, ship it, market it.  Not so fast.  We know that the most successful ideas go through a lot of refinement.  Features, design, functionality — it gets tested, reworked, tested again.  This reduces risk, increases the likelihood of a market success and makes it a whole lot easier for product developers and managers to sleep at night.  HSG aligns all of the elements of a successful product through a refined research methodology mixing qualitative and quantitative techniques to hone in on the ideal solution, packaged to sell.

Results we deliver:

  • Highest value features
  • Ranked and prioritized value propositions
  • Target audience affinity
  • User experience requirements
  • Packaging recommendations

Methods we use:

  • Preference and choice-based tests
  • Max-diff rankings
  • Prototype testing
  • Participatory design



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