Breakthrough Innovation


Breakthrough Innovation

How do you plan for a breakthrough idea? How can you get lightning to strike where and when you want it to? Innovation is the result of a process. And we have our own established process for inspiring it, capturing it, shaping and refining it. We know how to get teams to see beyond the obvious, to springboard off trends and apply what they know in order to create what has yet to be imagined. We do this together with our clients—unleashing the creativity in teams with our proven methods allows you to take full advantage of trends, ownership of opportunities and make the most of your own human capital.

Results we deliver:

  • Trends and inspirations
  • Customer narratives
  • Competitive scans
  • Opportunity maps

Methods we use:

  • Trendspotting
  • Ethnography
  • Technology/Trend synthesis
  • Envisioning workshops


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