Analytics & Validation


Analytics & Validation

Everyone focuses on the product during in-market testing.  But first, you have to test the testing.  What is the ideal sample size for trustworthy results?  Given the product, what are the most appropriate venues for the testing and how long should the evaluation last?  We ask ourselves a lot of questions and then custom design each test according to the product, the commercial environment and the customer’s expectations on performance, pricing, and packaging including acquisition offers to encourage uptake. This is, after all, one of the most valuable learning points in the product development and marketing process.  After we analyze the testing results and make recommendations we’re not done yet; we can continue to optimize and refine during and immediately after launch with our test and learn pilot services.

Results we deliver:

  • Customer experience optimization
  • Real-world preference and adoption estimates
  • Competitive product impact
  • Customer proven solutions

Methods we use:

  • Preference and choice-based scenario tests
  • Test and learn iteration
  • Customer experience optimization
  • In-market testing and pilots


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