News & Events

January 2014

High Start Group Interviewed on Mobile Wallets for Business News Daily

In an article on mobile wallets by Sara Angeles for Business News Daily, High Start Group’s Greg Garson pointed out some of the key advantages of mobile wallets, and also offered some cautionary advice.

November 2013

High Start Group Teams Up with Arnold Worldwide for Horizons for Homeless Children

It is particularly gratifying for us at High Start Group when we are given the opportunity to put our expertise toward a great cause that changes lives.

October 2013

High Start Group Named to Inc. 5000

One of the Fastest Growing Companies in US Boston-based consultancy ranks No. 77 on national list of fastest growing Product and Service companies.

March 2013

Rise: 2013

RISE:2013 showcases the breadth and depth of innovative thinking at Northeastern, including topics in Physical & Life Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Arts & Design, Computer & Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Business and Social Sciences. Janet Muto was selected as a judge for this competition.

February 2013

Five to Follow by BBJ

High Start Group was selected as one of the “Five Startups to Watch” by the Boston Business Journal.

December 2012

Building the Ultimate Mobile User Experience

Nitzan Shaer presented and then moderated a panel – “Building the Ultimate Mobile User Experience – best practices for creating great mobile experiences”.  The event was organized by MassTLC  and featured panelists Tom Weisend (Vice President, User Experience,RueLaLa), Matt Cutler (CEO, Kibits), and Christine Perfetti (Director of User Experience, Carbonite), to share their case studies on mobile solutions and key insights.

October 2012

The Mobile Commerce Summit at FutureM

The Mobile Commerce Summit hosted by High Start Group and Catalina Marketing brought together top leaders from Paypal, SCVNGR/LevelUp, Constant Contact, the MBTA, FirstData, Litle & Co., Linkable Networks, Leaf and more. The Summit looked at questions around privacy, big data, the growth of mobile commerce, and where innovation is evolving.


April 2012

What do customers really want in their mobile experience?

HSG’s Nitzan Shaer led a forward-thinking discussion on mobile commerce. Nitzan covered the strategies that retailers, advertisers, banks and consumers will have to rethink.

August 2011

Bridging the Cultural Divide Through Entrepreneurship

Nitzan Shaer organized and participated in mentoring events for this program, led by Babson professor Ted Grossman, which brought together 44 Israelis and Palestinians students to focus on the potential to build global peace and understanding through the study of entrepreneurship. Learn more about the program, and read Nitzan’s blog post.


July 2011

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab: Beyond Bricks and Clicks: Smart Phones and Smart Shopping

Nitzan Shaer moderated this panel, which included some of top thinkers in this space. The discussion focused on the opportunities and innovations in mobile commerce for retailers, banks, startups, and brands–and what it all means for consumers.


June 2011


The Enterprise Strikes Back- Buying is Up, Where are the Opportunities? Nitzan Shaer of High Start Group, highlighted a panel discussion on this changing landscape within the enterprise, discussed key trends, and presented opportunities that entrepreneurs can pursue in this space.


June 2011

Shout Louder, Be Prouder: MITX Advisors Speak Up About Innovation in Boston

“Innovation is not just a novel approach or solution. True innovation is successfully solving a problem in a way that changes people’s lives for the better.”
Nitzan Shaer – Co-Founder and Managing Partner, High Start Group

March 2011

Momentum Summit

How do innovative leaders really move the needle in terms of product development, technology, sales, marketing and team building? Nitzan Shaer of High Start Group, led a lunchtime discussion on “Building Mobile Applications that Customers Want.”


March 2011

WebInno: Building Products that Win

The first Web Inno of 2011 featured a special, optional breakout session, “Building Products that Win,” moderated by Nitzan Shaer of High Start group discussing how to launch great Internet products and scale high performing product teams. Panelists were: Ben Foster, vice president of product at Opower, Adam Medros, vice president of global product at TripAdvisor and Fareed Behmaram-Mosavat, director of product, Boston Studio, at Zynga.


March 2011

Mobile Commerce: The Tipping Point is Here

Last night at the Vilna Shul in Beacon Hill, High Start Group hosted a panel about mobile commerce. A broad topic – from consumer behavior around mobile as form factor for payment to more targeted advertising opportunities…


March 2011

Vilna Shul Speaker Series: Mobile Commerce, the Tipping Point is Here

Mobile commerce is no longer for geeks, techies, teenagers and outliers.  In 2011, millions of Americans will use their Smartphones to browse, shop and purchase items.  This sell-out event was moderated by Nitzan Shaer of High Start Group, and included panelists: Mike Baker of DataXu, Mark “Moose” Farnham of AisleBuyer, Emily Nagle Green of Yankee Group, Mike Grimes of Modiv and Mike Schneider of Allen & Gerritsen.


February 2011

Pixability pulls in $1 million, to help small businesses add video to their marketing toolkit

“Hein says that only about 15 percent of Pixability’s customers so far have been from the Boston area, but that group includes companies like CloudSwitch, High Start Group, MIT, and Houghton Mifflin.”


February 2011

MITX: Technology and the Retail Transformation: Mobile, Social and e-Commerce

High Start Group sponsored this MITX event featuring Tom Burgess of Clovr Media, Jim Crowley of BuyWithMe, Mike Dreese of Newbury Comics, Dustin Humphreys of CVS, Andrew Paradise of AisleBuyer and moderator Jeff Glass of Bain Capital Ventures.


October 2010

How to Manage a Sales Pipeline

Fremont Smith had founded four companies and is now the vice president of HighStart, a Boston-based consulting firm that helps bring new products to market. In each case, her first order of business was to build a sales pipeline.


October 2010

FutureM Panel: “The Road to Product Strategy 2.0: Marketing’s Leadership for User, Social, and Viral Methodologies”

It’s time for product strategy and creation to come out of the back room. “If we build it, they will come” product creation will no longer work. Tomorrow’s future products will incorporate research, feedback and input from a wide range of external audiences – social networks, users and prospective users, viral proof points and more.

September 2010

Webinar: “The Key to Mobile Success: Know Your User”

Join Nitzan Shaer, founder of High Start Group and Skype Mobile, and Cimarron Buser, VP of product and marketing at Apperian, for a conversation about developing killer mobile applications for your end user.


April 2010

Getting Past One-Trick Pony Status

Join Nitzan Shaer, founder of High Start Group and Skype Mobile, and Cimarron Buser, VP of product and marketing at Apperian, for a conversation about developing killer mobile applications for your end user.


April 2010

Skype, Constant Contact vets form customer-focused consultancy

Janet Muto, former chief marketing officer at Constant Contact, and Nitzan Shaer, former head of the Skype Mobile Product Group, last June founded High Start Group.