HSG Radar: Volume 5

  • October 2014
  • Posted By Janet Muto

HSG Radar is a weekly round-up of the latest content that has our team abuzz.

The Best Black Hole in Sci-Fi
Unlikely partnerships can often lead to new ideas- or in the case of Sci-fi film director Christopher Nolan- new scientific discoveries. Nolan’s latest film has contributed to what we know to be true about black holes.

Where do good ideas come from?
We also like the idea that generating a good idea may mean coming up with lots of bad ones along the way.

Shifting gears: the growing market of cyclists
Commuting via bike is on the rise (and has been on the rise for the past couple of years), which means that the market for cycling-to-work products and services is also growing. Some of the most recent innovations include more fashionable biking gear and accessories to personalize/sanitize community bikes.   

We’re funded! Now what?
Most Kickstarter campaigns get press during fundraising, but a local Boston standing-desk startup recently shed some light on what happens when funding success is unexpected.

Page still loading
According to a new report published by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, the US has fallen behind many other countries in internet access and affordability. The reason may surprise you, the report cites lack of competition in the broadband industry over other factors.

Photo essay causing us to put our phones away (for now)
It’s sometimes troubling that devices that are designed to bring us closer, can create just as much, if not more, distance between us. This photo series captures peoples’ obsession with their phones.

Data never sleeps
This is what every minute looks like on the internet (compare it to the same infographic from two years ago, here):



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