HSG Radar: Volume 1

  • September 2014
  • Posted By Janet Muto

Welcome to “ HSG Radar ” – a new blog series where we round up the latest content that has our team buzzing.

Extra, Extra! The book being passed around the office
If you’ve been following news about the news lately, earlier this month, Jeff Bezos tapped Politico co-founder Fred Ryan as the new publisher of The Washington Post. Weymouth’s departure ends more than 80 years of leadership from the Graham family. We’ve just started the autobiography of Katharine Graham, who led The Post for over two decades, and her story is fascinating.

Small businesses “pay it forward” with insight
We hear it all the time in our own small business work, but new research from Bank of the West / Harris Poll shows that small businesses would spend more time and effort on marketing, if they could do it all over again.

Is more green space coming to Boston?
With the recent success of The Lawn on D, an urban experiment in outdoor space, we are inspired about the possibility of more green space at City Hall Plaza.

Watson now fuels startups
The Watson technology- you probably remember seeing “him” win Jeopardy! back in 2011- is being applied to medical, financial, and legal industries. IBM also opened the platform to app developers who are now launching startups using Watson’s smarts.

#ApplePay buzz continues
Apple Pay launched weeks ago, but we still can’t get enough of the buzz (positive and negative) around it. We’re especially eager to see how Apple Pay will impact consumer experiences at the point-of-sale (and how retailers, banks, and other business will choose to adapt).

Forget standing (or even treadmill!) desks
We have a number of standing desks set up in our office, but this walking desk created by Artist-in-Residence Robb Godshaw and Instructables Developer Will Doenlen takes the idea to another level.


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