High Start Group looks into the future – What changes will 2015 bring?

  • January 2015
  • Posted By Janet Muto


There is nothing quite like the beginning of a new year. It’s both a time to reflect on the past and look into the future. As business consultants, we are constantly anticipating how marketplace trends will impact our client’s businesses. Last week, we challenged ourselves to look into the future and envision how the world will change in 2015. See what we came up with below!


Our Predictions for 2015 

 2015 will bring change to…


How we learn

The online learning space will start to transition to “bite-sized” learning. The industry will start to figure out how learning best fits into the small spaces and snippets of time in people’s lives. Online courses will allow users to get information in bite-size pieces. Mobile will be front and center in this movement.

Predicted by: Kristen Flebotte


The companies in our stock portfolios

Uber will go public and investors will rejoice.

Predicted by: Chrisopher Savio


How we live in our homes

Home automation combined with Internet of things will come to the masses, and not just techies. However, it will be a fairly fragmented space as lots of companies move in with hubs and connected products. The winning company will be the one that can “play” with the largest, most affordable base of products. By the end of the year, there will be a trend to adopt a stand connection approach (e.g., ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc.). Apple will join the space as well with a very anticipated and talked about product, that will do exactly what other products have done 6 to 18 months prior.

Predicted by: Christopher Savio


How well SMBs know us

The transition of SMB merchants to EMV (chip and pin) will cause SMB merchants to adopt new smart POS devices. This will move them into a whole new world of customer data and customer data driven decisions. Data driven loan companies (not necessarily banks) will bring funds and growth to SMBs – where bank regulations would not allow it.

Predicted by: Janet Muto


How we channel surf

Remote controls will begin to resemble a keyboard rather than a long device with buttons (as we know them today). However, they will still get lost in-between couch cushions.

Predicted by: Yeseul Kim


Who we listen to on Spotify

Taylor Swift will put her songs back on Spotify.

Predicted by: Bill Doyle


How our clothes are made

3-D printing clothes and gifts will gain more momentum among the masses. This increase in demand will lead to more 3-D print shops opening up.  Hosting birthday parties at 3-D Printing shops will become all the rage. Parents be warned.

Predicted by: Clarissa Valdez


What we can order at a fancy restaurant

Roasted brussel sprouts will make their way off trendy menus.

Predicted by: Meredith Lobel


The power of our own voice

Voice recognition will become mainstream user interface on mobile devices and beyond.

Predicted by: Laura Kopp


One’s pride when wearing Patriots gear

The patriots will win the Super Bowl.

Predicted by: Dylan Nelson


What predictions do you have for the year ahead? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below!



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