Technology Services


Technology Services

Technology – both B2C and B2B – is moving so fast that by the time you get a new or next generation product to market it’s hard to tell if it’s ahead of customers’ needs and expectations or barely keeping up with them.  Development cycles are shorter than ever, the competition is breathing down your neck, and commoditization is an even greater concern.

Taking the risk out of your product development and marketing while helping you optimize your offering to deliver the greatest level of customer satisfaction is what we do.  Whether you’re trying to hammer out your strongest value proposition, or determine the features or bundles customers want the most, or figure out how to price for maximum volume and profit — we have the depth and experience to validate such critical decisions with customers as you go.

Questions we answer:

  • What is the market potential of my new product?
  • How do I overcome a commoditized environment?
  • How much should I charge in order to optimize profits and volume?
  • How do I help my product maximize acquisition?
  • Which product features drive the highest value?
  • How can I elevate the value of my service and build a strategic relationship with my customers?
  • Who are my highest value customers?



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Practice Lead:

Nitzan Shaer
Managing Partner