Small & Medium Businesses


Small & Medium Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses are an enormous marketing opportunity for cloud and mobile services.  After all, there are more than 20 million of them in the U.S. alone.  But getting it right is difficult.  They speak their own language.  Have unique needs.  And are constantly strapped for time, money and patience.

SMBs are in our DNA. We work with them, side-by-side, to deliver applications and products that meet their unique needs.  Our teams have surveyed, interviewed, and run focus groups with hundreds of SMBs.  From product feature selection to user interface design to marketing messaging and content, we know what makes them tick, how they talk, and what they like to hear.

Most importantly, we know the critical elements of a successful solution for SMBs:

Simple to buy—users get predictable pricing plans with a trial option.

Simple to use—users can figure it out in minutes.

Gets things done faster—users realize immediate results.


Questions we answer:

  • How do we speak to SMBs in a way that resonates?
  • Who is the right SMB target for our online service?
  • How do we segment our target customers while maintaining a volume model?
  • Which features should we include in our service and, more importantly, which should we leave out?
  • How do we give “high touch” service with a low touch model?
  • How should we price our SMB product?
  • How do we reach (lots of) SMBs economically?


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