Mobile & Communications


Mobile & Communications

On your mark.  Get set. You’re behind.  Mobile and Unified Communications are evolving at breakneck speed which makes timing the right product to the right market at the right moment challenging to say the least. With the thousands of options consumers have on their mobile phones, companies must ask themselves: how will our mobile solution make a significant difference in consumers’ lives? How will our mobile offering stand out from the crowd?

HSG has the industry knowledge, experience and development agility to help you create, perfect and launch solutions with rapid and repeatable success.  From customer segmentation to feature prioritization and optimization to determining the right value proposition, we’ll help you deliver the ideal products to satisfy current customers and win new ones.

The Three Must Haves

High Start Group can help you break from the pack by defining mobile solutions that share three critical elements:

Invaluable—users can’t live without it.

Engaging—users want to keep coming back for more.

Viral—users tell their friends about it, again and again.

With our customer-centric, rapid-iteration approach, we’ll help you fixate on your customers’ needs and address them through innovative mobile applications. We can also help you unlock new opportunities in the mobile arena and ensure that your solutions are viable across multiple mobile platforms.

Questions we answer:

  • How do I change my messaging when selling to enterprise vs. SMB’s?
  • I don’t want to compete on pricing; what else can I offer to make my solution competitive?
  • What features should I include in my bundle?
  • How do I configure pricing against feature sets and prioritization?
  • What are my key customer needs and how can I better align my value proposition to support them?



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