Financial Services & Payments


Financial Services & Payments

Technology continues to change how people interact with their money.  The space is jammed with more competition than ever, coming from new and never-thought-of players.  Just to really complicate matters, customer loyalty is fragile and becoming increasingly so.  Any financial institution that isn’t actively re-imagining itself isn’t staying in place.  It’s automatically going backwards by the advancement of the industry all around it.  To win the day, you need to repeatedly get breakthrough products and services to market before someone else beats you to it.  But how do you move faster without increasing the inherent risks that come with doing so?

By putting the customer first from the moment we engage until the moment of launch, that’s how.  It’s the only way to ensure success when you’re developing and marketing at warp speed.

Our services:

  • Product, service and portfolio strategy design
  • Product and solution development
  • Product feature and benefit optimization
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Attitudinal, behavioral and needs-based segmentation
  • Value proposition pricing
  • Offer optimization for acquisition, cross-sales, activations, retention and reactivation

Questions we answer:

  • Who are my most valuable customers now and in the future?
  • What products and services can I provide that will engender greater customer loyalty?
  • How can I develop innovative products, services, and experiences in such a crowded space?
  • What attributes should I include to distinguish my payment product in the minds of my target customers?
  • Which offers drive the most value through behavior changes amongst specific customer segments?
  • How do I position, price and package my value proposition to acquire the most customers within a specific target segment?



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