Cloud Services & Software


Cloud Services & Software:

Cloud computing offers huge opportunities to businesses who offer it. However, customer expectations have dramatically changed over the last decade. Users expect an “Apple-like” experience for engagement, trial or offer, user pricing, ease and visual appeal.  HSG’s experts can help you navigate these key questions more quickly and more effectively.

Questions we answer:

  • How should I segment my users?
  • What messaging will appeal to the different segments?
  • What price and pricing method should I use?
  • Should I offer a free trial, freemium or pilot to engage new customers?
  • How should I engage users during their free trial, freemium period, or pilot?
  • Why aren’t customers converting from trial to paying?
  • More customers are leaving than I would like. What do I do?
  • What support model (call center, service model, etc) should I use to engage online customers?



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