Our Clients

We work with a range of clients, but they all share a common need: a proven partner who will help them define and launch breakthough products through deep customer insight and analytics. We have served clients in the consumer, SMB, SaaS and telecommunications spaces, ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500 companies.



“HSG’s greatest contribution was the spirit of innovation… We need to have a highly differentiated set of products in a very competitive marketplace and we need that kind of energy from the research firm that we work with. From the very beginning HSG had the mindset to say we are going to do something special, we’re going to do it with you, and we’re here to help.”

Eduardo Tobon, CEO, US Cards and Payments, Santander | Sovereign Bank


“The High Start Group was with us every step of the way. They deployed a highly experienced group of professionals who brought to life the voice of the customer and turbocharged our product rollout. High Start Group continues to be an integral part of our team, helping develop a highly targeted SMB offering.”

Neil Lieberman, Director, AT&T  


“Within days of our first call to High Start Group, they were in our office ready to go. They had a significant impact on our business by allowing us to really get out of the gates quickly. They helped us accelerate our offering in a rapidly growing space with opportunity all around.”

Walt Doyle, CEO, Where, Inc.


“We knew our technology was solid, but High Start Group, leveraging deep experience, really helped us target and reach a mass-market consumer audience.”

David Grannan, President and CEO, Vlingo  


“We had recently launched a new product targeted at the small-to-medium business market and we wanted to accelerate our growth. High Start Group’s incredible knowledge of best practices—particularly in the SMB space and scaling a volume business and growing rapidly—was incredibly valuable to us. HSG’s people know how to do things strategically, but also have done these things themselves operationally. They were able to come in and identify key things that really let us bring our product line and business to a different level.”

Caren Cioffi, VP and General Manager, Brightcove Express, Brightcove


“High Start Group allowed us to learn a customer market segment that we wanted to get closer to. They were collaborative, insightful, and strategic, and were a great extension to our team.”

Alec Stern, VP, Strategic Market Development, Constant Contact


“From start to finish, the people that I worked with were fantastic. The engagement really worked for us. It felt like we were working with people who were part of the team. Not a typical consulting relationship. I like the approach of coming in and really understanding our business first and then consulting with us—but doing it in a very collaborative way. It was a great experience for us.”

Brian Zanghi, CEO Awareness Networks

“I can’t stress enough how important it was for us—and for me personally—to have people who had done this before. Not only did HSG help change thinking, High Start Group actually helped start changing behavior. We’re way ahead of where we would have been if we had decided to tackle the problem ourselves.”

Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing and Sales, Awareness Networks


“Our entire senior management team has been extremely impressed with the quality and integrity of our High Start Group team. They are smart and seasoned, get their hands dirty, and they deliver a tremendous impact!”

Jim Triandiflou, CEO, Service CEO