We have invented a new technology

Case Study: We have Invented a New Technology


WE HAVE INVENTED A NEW TECHNOLOGY What breakthrough product should we build with it?   Who is most likely to use and buy this product? How should it be priced?

High Start Group worked with a technology company to help them define a service to leverage a new technology they developed. The key goals of the engagement were to identify ‘the next big thing’ that would have mass market appeal.

The work

Following the HSG innovation process, we generated an opportunity map. Then, leveraging customer input and stakeholder and market research, we prototyped and prioritized the product opportunities and helped the company develop a strong development plan and get maximum value from its new technology.

The result

After we delivered our work to our client they focused all of their resources on developing the product we recommended. Within one year the company was acquired for a 9-figure price.