Turning a Freemium Product into a Success

Case Study: Turning a Freemium Product into a Success


WE WANT TO TURN OUR FREEMIUM PRODUCT INTO A SUCCESS. How should we position it? How should it be priced? What is the optimal target segment?

Faced with strong competitive pressures, our client, a large software company, engaged High Start Group to help position, define and price its flagship product to maximize revenue from its freemium business model.

The work

Through a series of workshops, High Start Group helped our client’s product team identify the key product and market opportunities. We then deployed our robust quantitative research tools to evaluate consumer reaction to nearly 30 different potential features, various price points and value propositions. This revealed which products and features at which price points held the greatest market appeal and revenue potential.

The result

High Start Group’s product recommendations were implemented and released within one month from the conclusion of the project. The recommendations determined which features were prioritized and at what price point they would be offered. The prioritization of product elements was designed to maximize acquisition and overall revenue. This analysis also enabled the company to prioritize the value propositions for the product, and identify optimal target market.