From Idea to Launch in 14 Weeks

Case Study: From Idea to Launch in 14 Weeks


WE HAVE A NEW PRODUCT IDEA. How big is the market for it? What value proposition should it promote? Can it be profitable? How should we design the product?

Our client is a venture-backed startup that wanted to leverage their core technology into new markets. They engaged High Start Group to evaluate and define the market with the most potential, design a new product and manage the product to ensure a successful launch on an accelerated timeline.

The work

The engagement began with a creative ideation session on potential applications for their technology. The ideas generated in these sessions were evaluated through a combination of customer interviews and interactive surveys. High Start Group rapidly designed a prototype and a series of rapid iterations was begun; releasing new versions of the product, every three days. High Start Group conducted advanced usability studies, real time customer feedback analysis and provided new designs for the product. We also went on-site and assumed the role of Product Management; managing all resources required to enable a fast yet successful launch.

The result

The company’s board of directors approved the new product idea based on High Start Group’s research and recommendation. Within 14 weeks the product was launched. It was a success from Day One. Shortly after launch it was noticed by a large telecommunications company who decided to license it, dramatically increasing the adoption of the product.