Passionate. Creative. Results Driven. We wake up like this.

Breakthrough products owe their success to discipline as much as ingenuity.  Every client has unique needs and questions, and we customize our detailed approach to each situation and then apply it rigorously throughout the development cycle.  While different methods and tools may come into play, our team brings the same set of priorities and values to every client engagement.  At the very core of our approach is the belief that great products result from a deep understanding of what drives and motivates users.


Customer focused

We are dedicated to uncovering and understanding your customers’ visible and invisible needs.  We believe that outstanding products stem from data-driven customer research and insight.


HSG’s strength is bringing new services to market. That’s why we focus on innovation, with product and service ideas inspired by trends, technology, and your capabilities.


We believe in creating a partnership with our clients by working closely together, sharing ideas, and learning from each other.  It’s the most effective way we know to deliver optimal results.  It’s also more fun and rewarding for clients, too.


We believe that nothing is right the first time, but that every step and every test helps inform great products.  We believe in an iterative and continuous approach to testing and learning that combines insights and understanding from qualitative exercises with validation from quantitative tests and pilots.


We’ve built breakthrough services as entrepreneurs and executives.  We know what it takes to drive widespread adoption – and that at the core is a customer who is passionate about your product.

Results driven

We walk through walls to make our customers successful. We are committed to delivering practical recommendations that are inspired by the visible and invisible needs of users.