Notes From The Mobile Commerce Summit 2012: ‘The War For Your Customer’

  • October 2012
  • Posted By hsgdev
By Amy Rosenthal You know you’ve hit on an issue near and dear to business when there’s standing room only for your keynote address. On that scale, the 2012 Mobile Commerce Summit was a huge success. The Summit, part of the FutureM conference, featured several panels focused on different issues: from winning over the customer, to

Winning Over The Customer: How To Succeed With Mobile Commerce

  • October 2012
  • Posted By Janet Muto
By Amy Rosenthal Mobile commerce is part of every-day life. From grabbing coffee at Starbucks to ordering your prescription through CVS , mobile commerce is changing the way people approach shopping. But what does this new landscape mean for all the players in mobile commerce? The Mobile Commerce Summit, co-sponsored by High Start Group and